Leader Board

8.Smita S10
  Top Ideas
1.Add Red Award in the scheme so students would be able to have hours included in their learning or working section. Would be useful to have it counted differently such as: 1 hour of participation counts for 30mins. This way they would not dissapear after 1 session.
2. The platform should be more informative regarding the progress on the development of PI to create anticpation among the students by creating something like newsletter or updates on facebook.
3.Add more information about the purpose of this organisation on the website
4.Improve the content of the website with accessibility standards
5.Create more awareness e.g. advertisement/ short promo video (let students know of the organisation)
6.Include Course work or course related discussions
7.More discussions about future job scope opportunities that would be available among students with teachers or industry experts.
8.Less students are aware of planet informatics, so students should be given awareness in the form of blogs or online presentations. Moreover, the students should be given detailed information on different ways in which planet informatics can help them with respect to their courses.
9.Add a forum to the website to let students/participants to create discussions and post comments in discussion threads.
10.Integrate Social Media activity in the site, create accounts and start using them
Thank you for participating.

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